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As a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor, it is my goal to provide a safe space for you to explore your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. I believe we all have the answers to most of our problems. I am here to help facilitate the process of discovering those answers with you. In a collaborative, non-judgmental, therapeutic relationship, you will have the opportunity to gain personal insight, enhance inner strength and resilience and move toward enjoying a more satisfying, harmonious state of wellbeing.

For more than 20 years I have had the privilege of working with people who have been multiply diagnosed with chronic medical conditions, various mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Theoretically, my approach is a combination of humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies. This combination allows for a client-centered, compassionate, healing process that is insight oriented and encourages the development of more fulfilling thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I am certified to provide online therapy.

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